Activities for Kids in and around Berlin

When we moved to Berlin I started compiling kids activities in the area. Over time it grew into a huge map which we have consulted on a weekly basis for several years. Now I would like to share this resource with other families.

It is mainly aimed at children from 2-6 but many things are suitable for kids up to age 15. A lot of information is available in English but not exlusively, some venues only had German descriptions available.

I will try and keep this up to date, but cannot guarantee for any information given in here. Especially the “Kindercafes” change quickly. Please always check the venues website for reliable details before you go there.

Map of Activities for Kids & Families

Tip: Press this image in the top left corner of the map to expand a side menue in which you can deselect single categories to make the map a bit less crowded. 😉

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